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3 Albums in 2022 And NBA Youngboy May Not Be Done Yet For The Year

Fresh off of dropping "The Last Slimeto", which was also his last Album on Atlantic Records, NBA Youngboy releases a sequel to his 2018 mixtape "Realer", named "Realer 2". On spotify alone, he has almost 17 million MONTHLY listeners. and each song he has dropped on "Cooler" and "The Last Slimeto" touched millions of listeners from all over the globe. It's no sense in thinking, that "Realer 2" won't do just the same. Only time will tell if Realer 2, will be as good as "Realer", which many say is one of his best. Currently its only available for streaming on Youtube. Link below of his latest Music Video released a few hours ago called, "Put it on Me" Which currently sits at 200k but is sure to touch a Million or more quickly.

With his 3rd solo project of 2022, "Cooler", "The Last Slimeto" and "Realer 2" as you can also count his collab with Da Baby, "Better Than You", NBA Youngboy may not be done just yet. It's obvious, he is one of, if not the most talented Artists in this Era and that NBA Youngboy can most likely go in a studio and not write anything and basically drop a "Freestyle" Album that many Artist can't touch. And if they can touch it, he'll just drop another one, a week later or quicker. And believe it or not, he still has a lot he wants to say thru his music. It's stress release!

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