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Kupp, Stafford, Donald, McVay and the Rams, win the Super Bowl 23-20 over the Bengals

Arguably, the BEST Super Bowl in Super Bowl History. The Rams lost OBJ and it seemed their offense had lost its potency. As Cincinnati and Burrow began to pick up steam, the Rams found a way to pull it out, 23-20 over the Bengals. It was a GREAT matchup, where both offenses were effective, and BOTh defenses were as well.

In a back and forth contest, the Rams took the ball first and scored. Yet, Joe Burrow and the Bengals responded with a field goal. It looked like it was about to be a shootout, yet the Bengals defense held McVay, Stafford, Kupp and the vaunted Rams offense to only 13 first half points. Burrow and the Bengals managed to keep it close in the 1st half by scoring 10 points. Then, the Halftime show, arguably AGAIN, at the top of any Sports halftime show of being the greatest halftime event, began.

As the 2nd half began, two big plays pulled the Bengals in front, for a 20-13 lead. It was so fast, i missed both plays because of reading comments about the Halftime show. As the game began to be a chess match and slowed down, Stafford and McVay seemed to be spinning their wheels on trying to figure out what they could do without a deep field threat like OBJ gone. Cooper Kupp was being double teamed and it seemed the Bengals had the momentum.

Yet, Stafford grimmaced when sacked, as his legs got rolled on. But Stafford is tough as nails and came back strong. A few plays later, Joe Burrow was in the same position, as you could see him in pain. He never was the same after, as the Bengals lost momentum as the Rams defense smelled blood. In the end, Cooper Kupp won MVP and was too much for the Bengals secondary. Stafford remained true to his comeback status and Aaron Donald and the Rams defense, turned up the heat on the Bengals offense.

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