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Roddy Ricch was arrested, as he was set to perform at the NYC Governors Ball Music Festival

Artist Roddy Ricch, whose name is Roderick Moore, 23, was set to perform at the NYC Governor's Ball Music Festival but his set had to be cancelled. As Roddy and at least two other Men, were detained for gun possession by police at Citifield, where the festival was being held at. Two of the men, including Roddy, had all charges dropped. The third, Michal Figueroa, was arraigned on the charges in Queens Criminal Court on Sunday. Ricch and the other Man, cases were dismissed as they were never docketed.

The Governor's Ball music festival, is a 3 day event that began Friday, with many of todays hottest Artist were set to perform. Roddy Rich is definitely on that list and has continued to release music and his latest video called "25 Million' is over 12 Million views on youtube after it's first 5 months. Roddy Rich's "The Box" sits at 422 Million views and it may hit a Billion or more, when it's all said and done. Roddy has won numerous awards and is a Grammy Award winning Artist, signed to Atlantic Records.

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