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Arkansas' Union County "Summer Breeze Pop Up and Shop" event aims to bring the Community together

On a Nice sunny day, on the first Saturday of June, the Union County Summer Breeze Pop up and Shop event was held in Union County. Children were at play, Adults networking and many Businesses had joined together, for fun in the Sun. The event, which was the second that Thawed Magazine attended, as the first event was held in November, is an event that features Businesses, locally as well as State wide and we've seen Louisiana, as well as Texas in the building or well, outside at the event. Karl Malone's Auto Group passed out free food and another business gave out free haircuts. "Be Pro Be Proud was in attendence, as their semi truck was one of the main attractions. As thier mission states on their webiste "Leading the Movement to Bring a New Generation of Pride, Progress and Professionals to North America's skilled workforce." The truck is filled with new age technology and resources, as they travel the South to at least States like Arkansas, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and more, Teaching and promoting skilled trades to willing learners, that want to enter the workforce as prepared as possible. You also had bouncy houses for Kids, as well as Businesses with plenty of merch to shop or take note of, for later. Mrs. Hicks states that next event will take place in the fall so, if you missed this one and you want to show support and continue to grow and help the community, the next one will be coming up soon.

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