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They Den Fuc*ed Around

Thawed Media

Host of TDFA, Mike Donald, brings in guests Easy of Woodward Heavyweights and J-Jack of Thawed Magazine. Watch the video above as Mike Donald creates discussions that shows more of Easy and J-Jack and how they began, as well as discussing the Detroit Lions as the NFL season approaches and the Lions begin their journey to live up to the hype. Very informative podcast, as Mike asks questions that he felt would help anyone that wants to venture into podcasting or business in general. Easy breaks down how it feels, to have your voice being heard and says "Just pursue it and be about it.." as well as saying how much Kobe Bryant helped him with passion and to be obsessive and just doing what he loved. J-Jack speaks on his beginnings as well as showing love to Brad Holmes for his draft prowess and building up the Lions and giving the city of Detroit and Michigan something to believe in with their Football team. Check out the video above and follow more from Mike Donald's TDFA and their podcast. Catch Easy of Woodward Heavyweights on Woodward Sports Network.

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