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One thing is for sure The Game is still one of the top M.C.s

The Game's "Black Slim Shady" seems even more like a publicity stunt, more so than an actual diss song, more now than ever. Just the song title alone didn't feel like a diss, but a compliment. Laced wit a few bars, here and there, yet those bars weren't disses. The disses were not the bars. It was kind of backwards. Besides hearing The Game rapping, using Em's and 50 Cent's style, the diss seemed more like, honoring or saluting. But framed as a diss song. Yet, I feel if The Game REALLY had that "diss" feeling in his soul, he would have dropped a bomb. So, no!! I don't feel it was The Game being The Game. He was reaching for..."The Black Slim Shady".

Yet, after the attention that song garnered, it overshadowed the fact that "DrillMatic' is REALLY DOPE!! And "The Black Slim Shady' doesn't really fit it. Even as it garners more looks and listens. It just sits in between a dope song like "K.I.L.L.A.S." featuring Cam'Ron and "Stupid" featuring Big Sean. The Cam'Ron assisted song shows Cam'Ron dropping heat on a Drill beat, showing Veteran M.C.'s can drop lyrical fire STILL, no matter the style of the beat!! Yet, "Black Slim Shady" CURRENTLY has the most plays on atleast Spotify at the time of the writing. Behind "Eazy", that of course flew out of the atmosphere. "Black Slim Shady" seems like a interlude after K.I.L.L.A.S, even tho The Game comes with it on the track, basically showing his versatility. After "The Black Slim Shady" song, DrillMatic gets back on course with "Stupid" featuring Big Sean. It just seems like, The Game knows what will draw this era of listeners in, with the diss and then boom. Good Marketing and Promotion.

No matter who is featured nor the style the featured Artist comes with, The Game goes toe to toe and matches or surpasses. Of Course, "Eazy" featuring Kanye West, but there are numerous standout tracks like "Burnin' Checks" featuring Fivio Foreign. "Chrome, Slugs and Harmony" featuring Lil Wayne and G Herbo. It's almost a weird Salute to Bone Thugs n Harmony, with the Iconic Thuggish Ruggish Bone in the back drop as The Game comes with a semi fast flow. or the Meek Mill, MoneyBagg Yo, Blxst, track called Talk to me nice.

The Game could have easily split the album into 3 albums, as some fans may have suggested for the current era of Music. But Why? The Game is a student of the, well, you know. and it shows on the Album as it featured Young to Veteran MC's as well as Iconic stances like "Eazy" where you automatically picture Eazy E for the REAL Hip Hop listeners. or "One Time" with none other than Ice-T. Even the Social Media Viral "Im a Menace and a robber, voo doo put a hex on you..", "Voodoo" featuring BOA QG. Even as the song drops, you can almost picture Kendrick Lamar rappin' the verse. The Game is a student of the Game, Yes and a consumer of it as well, as many True Hip Hop'rs are. It shows in his product.

Overall, its many that felt 30 tracks is erxcessive but Music is never excessive unless its, well, garbage. and Well, it's actually 29 tracks, as the album dropped, with the Late Great Nipsey Hussle assisted "World Tours" was removed hours beforehand. Even with 29 songs, you can't tell me that we didn't want to hear one more?? With Nipsey?? Yea, 29 was Old school when its more common to drop snippets or 3 minutes or less songs, and EPs etc but, The Game knows what made the GREATS, GREAT!!!

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