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The Academy Awards may now be remembered for a slap felt across all of Social Media

Written by Thawed Media

In a night that was to honor, and finally many "People of Color" honored, turned into a meme, funny video clips etc that spread across all Social Media Platforms. Why?? A badly timed, and malice joke aimed at Jada Pinkett-Smith. Jada and Will have been the talk for quite some time, as they have lived in the spotlight their whole lives almost. But the last few years has seen more and more clowning and joking about the two, their marriage, kids and life. On this night, Chris Rock took a joke aimed at Jada's physical features that she didn't respond well to. As many don't know that Jada has what is called "Alopecia." Alopecia creates loss of hair from the scalp or any part of the body. The condition, usually, occurs when the immune system destroys the hair follicles that results in hair loss.

When Chris first told the joke, Will laughed, as everyone knows, Will is a comedian at heart but he then realized that Jada wasn't feeling it, as now, on a big stage, she's reminded of her hair loss. If she had cut her hair by choice, I don't think the night goes the way it goes. Will then reacts to his Wife and walks the Oscar's stage and slaps Chris Rock. If people felt it was staged and for what reason would it be staged, I can't understand but Will then goes on to yell "Keep My Wife's name out ya fu7kin' mouth." If anything, that should have let people know, this was not a comedy roast.

What was aimed at "Honoring" quickly turned into a shame. There will be the Black People jokes, Will Smith jokes and of course many who wanted to slap Chris Rock themselves. Will Smith went on to accept his award later for portraying Richard Williams in "King Richard. Which, if you hear the speech, you can tell the impact of portraying Richard Williams in "King Richard" had on him. Will Smith, who may have grown weary of his family being the butt of so many jokes, went on to wonder if the Oscar's will have him back.

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