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     There have been plenty of people in the Entertainment Industry over the years, who come and go.  Not able to reinvent or sustain, as the times change.  It’s not the easiest field of work, as even surviving on just pure talent can be a hard task in the “dog eat dog” world.  And as the time keeps ticking, so does the wave of more new faces, that may come and go thru the door.  So, what better way to understand how to survive, then by finding out from Skyy Lyfe.  Who has worked alongside the likes of J. Prince and Rap-A-Lot to Mo3.  Truly Multi-faceted and always looking for new challenges.  Let’s chat with Skyy Lyfe!!  So, for your book, where we going wit it?
The book, it’s gonna be a industry tell all.  And it’ll start with the incident in my career, that changed my career for  ever.  One of the main reasons that sparked me into the retirement, well pushed me and forced me into retirement.  And it was the incident that happened in New York with Tekashi Six Nine. The truth will be told in the book.  It’ll start with that but it wont end with that. 

How did  you get your start in the music Industry?? 
I’ve always been in music!  I was born into the music industry.  Ive been here my whole life.  But you know, the thing is, people tap into your gift and they see the outside you, before you actually see you.  So people will exploit your gifts.  And not let you know that you really have a gift. They’ll have you doing work and moving around and you thinking you just, grinding on something but really you just benefitting somebody else.  The earlier you can tap in on your gifts, and realize that you are a gift, the sooner you’ll be able to grow and mafinest things for yourself.  I been in the music industry my whole entire life.  In the book you’ll be able to find out exactly the different times and elevation in my career as like when did I start noticing.  When did my 3rd eye actually wake up.

What year and what was your job title?? 
I was bartending at 11!  My Family owned venues, so I was actually bartending and DJ’ing at their club at 11.  I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.  I just wanted to be apart of some shit and I liked what I did.  I’m finna go up here and fuck with the sound.  My Cousin had a club in Houston, I’d go down there, I was like 11 and I would go down there and fuck with the sound and play the songs I wanted to hear. And I remember one time, DJ’ing, I was about 12, for Bone Thugs n Harmony.  Just being in the music environment, entertaiment scene, been there my whole life. What year did I actually get a tittle as a Publicist?  It was 2006.  Well, it was actually 2004 but 2006 is when I actually open and got my DBA, and just actually claimed taxes and started making money in the industry. So my first official title was actually a fucking Publicist.  I didn’t even know what a Publicist was.  

What made you want to become a publicist and what or who weresome of your inspirations.
I didn’t know what a publicist was, it was just my path.  That’s one thing about going into the music industry,  there’s a lot of different titles and positions you can hold going into the music industry.  The best thing is, you don’t want to be a one trick pony.  The more things you can capitilize on, the more outlets you can learn about the music industry.  I can do booking.  Right now, I do booking directly  with Coach K for QC. I talk to Coack K and help him with booking.  I can do booking, I can do PR, A BAD PR, I can do marketing,  I can do club owning.  I can do promotions, I can DJ!! I can do whatever... I prolly can rap but I can’t stand the sound of my voice half the time.  Thats just something in myself, I’m just starting to love. I had to realize that is my Gift.

I wanna know about your book as far as. are you self publishing or..?
I’m self publishing, of course!! I’m stangy wit my money, baby.  I aint new to it, I’m true to it!  So I know how to get all my coins!!   

Skyy, I can see you in a movie!  What’s going on? Why not no movies??
Babiee, I told you I’m on my way back to Hollywood!!  Give me one year.. Give me one Hollywood!!    

Babiee, I told you I’m on my way back!!

How is the Dallas

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